Welcome to the MyCom Airsoft Reviewer!

Welcome to the MyCom airsoft gun reviewer! This blog will be primarily dedicated to reviewing airsoft guns and gear, but will also include personal posts about my everyday life (it is My Com after all).

A little about me

As you can probably tell from the theme of my blog, I love airsofting. I’ve been playing since I was about 15 and have built up a vast collection of guns, gear, and game knowledge. I have fallen back from playing a little bit, but want to share my experience and recommendations with the internet in the hopes that some of you will find it useful!

I also love camping, outdoors activities, and playing Rainbow Six Siege – so I may touch on those topics as well.

For now I want to focus on getting the design of the site to where I want it to be, then provide all you with the best content possible!

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