The MyCom network connects Greater Cleveland’s young people with high-quality, neighborhood-based programs and services that provide engaging, educational and affordable opportunities in a safe and supportive environment – helping them to connect, navigate and be productive so they can grow, thrive and reach their true potential.

My Commitment, My Community… That is MyCom.

Our Vision

By inspiring and preparing young people in Greater Cleveland to reach their potential and contribute to their community, MyCom is a key success factor in their lives.

Our Mission

MyCom is a network of caring adults that connect Greater Cleveland’s youth to quality programs in their neighborhoods and beyond so that they can develop 21st century skills and maximize their talents to connect, navigate and be productive.

MyCom Principles

MyCom is guided by a set of principles we believe are an integral part of a comprehensive youth development framework:

  • A youth voice must be incorporated into all levels of MyCom
  • Ensuring every youth is guided by a caring adult
  • Connecting youth to positive opportunities for growth
  • Evaluating our work and investing in strategies that are successful
  • Transparency in our work

MyCom Steering Committee

MyCom is provided strategic direction by a volunteer Steering Committee dedicated to the MyCom principles of all children needing a caring, respecting and incorporating a youth voice, and ensuring every youth is connected to positive opportunities.

Learn more about the MyCom Steering Committee

MyCom Lead Agencies

MyCom uses lead agencies to implement MyCom’s Theory of Change and our strategic plan across the network.  Our lead agencies and their areas of focus are:

  • Advocacy:  Voices for Ohio’s Children
  • Youth Jobs:  Youth Opportunities Unlimited
  • Youth Engagement:  Neighborhood Leadership Institute
  • Neighborhood Engagement: Neighborhood Leadership Institute
  • Evaluation:  Case Western Reserve University
  • Out of School Time:  Starting Point

Read more about our lead agencies.

MyCom Intermediary Team

Since 2008, Neighborhood Leadership Institute (NLI) has been an integral member of the MyCom initiative initially as a member of the MyCom network, transitioning into a lead agency role for neighborhood engagement in 2010, adding a role as the lead agency for youth engagement in 2011.  In October 2014, NLI was selected as the MyCom Intermediary to facilitate the day-to-day operations and implementation of the MyCom strategic plan across the network.

Read more about the MyCom Intermediary Team

Annual Reports

MyCom is now a proof positive initiative with the data and results to back up our work.

Read more about our results.