The MyCom network connects Greater Cleveland’s young people with high-quality, neighborhood-based programs and services that provide engaging, educational and affordable opportunities in a safe and supportive environment – helping them to connect, navigate and be productive so they can grow, thrive and reach their true potential.

My Commitment, My Community… That is MyCom.

Our Vision

MyCom is a network of caring adults and a reliable partner for parents and caregivers, in their neighborhood and in their child’s development, providing safe, productive and affordable experiences for their children at school, out-of-school, on the job and for their future.

Our History

Created by the Cleveland Foundation and Cuyahoga County in collaboration with more than 250 national and local individuals and organizations, MyCom is a network committed to igniting positive futures for Greater Cleveland’s youth by connecting them with community-based innovative programming and transformational services.

MyCom has grown into a $4.8 million public-private partnership that helps children throughout Greater Cleveland advance towards stable, successful adulthood. MyCom has touched more than 23,000 youth from kindergarten to high school through after-school programs, summer jobs, leadership training, and other opportunities.

The MyCom network exists to answer the question, “What do our community’s children need?” MyCom aims to complement the parenting and education young people receive and create the conditions to ensure that all young people in Greater Cleveland succeed. MyCom believes in a holistic youth development strategy in Greater Cleveland and is organizing neighborhood-based programs and resources to create a network of support for all young people as they journey into adulthood.

As a network, MyCom convenes City and County Government, United Way services, family- and youth-focused agencies, the business community, school officials, philanthropic leaders and young people from across Greater Cleveland to identify and leverage opportunities that allow us to educate, expose and provide our youth with quality life skill development. MyCom is the go-to resource for quality programming in the areas of youth employment, youth engagement and leadership, out- of-school time, transitions and neighborhood involvement.


Your voice is only powerful if it is heard. Voices for Ohio’s Children helps MyCom youth find their voice and learn how to speak with passion and conviction about issues facing their future in our community. It’s about discovering your voice and using it to activate meaningful change.

Transition Support

MyCom helps youth successfully navigate the journey from kindergarten to college or career, and beyond.

Out-of-School Time

From practicing teamwork on the basketball court to discovering their inner Beethoven at music camp, Greater Cleveland’s youth need fun and engaging experiences outside the classroom to broaden their interests and develop important life skills. Starting Point develops the repository of information about out-of-school time services and activities for youth, identifies gaps and barriers to services and provides technical assistance to programs. Starting Point offers a resource and referral service for afterschool and summer youth programs, available to the public by calling (216) 575-0061.

Neighborhood Engagement

Neighborhood Leadership Institute (NLI) has been identified as the lead agency for neighborhood capacity. NLI helps the neighborhood agencies in the MyCom network engage youth at a hyper-local level. NLI and the neighborhood agencies foster conversations between youth and adults in their neighborhood about community issues and opportunities.

Youth Engagement

Neighborhood Leadership Institute (NLI) plans and initiates strategies for youth involvement and leadership in the MyCom network. The agency recruits, trains and supports youth leaders from Cuyahoga County involved in the planning, implementation, communications and evaluation of MyCom.  Targeted programs that engage youth managed by NLI include MyMedia, MyPath, and F.L.O.W. (Future Leaders of the World).  NLI also provides training and supports increased youth engagement at other lead agencies.

Youth Employment

Youth Opportunities Unlimited (Y.O.U.) has acted as the lead agency for the youth employment component of MyCom. This component emphasizes summer and year-round employment as well as career development and exploration. Y.O.U. has worked with the Cleveland Foundation, local government agencies, and area businesses to leverage funding for summer youth employment.