MyCom Lead Agencies

MyCom succeeds by connecting the existing assets of our youth development agencies and professionals with businesses, philanthropy, and complimentary organizations to create one united network for youth and their families.

Our lead agencies provide the direct services for youth and their families as a part of the MyCom network. Our areas of focus and the lead agency are:

Youth Transitions: Starting Point

Starting Point helps MyCom youth successfully navigate the journey from kindergarten to college or career, and beyond.

Learn more about Starting Point here.

Out of School Time Activities: Starting Point

Children and youth who participate in out-of-school-time (OST) programming are more likely than their non-participating peers to do well in school, get sufficient physical exercise, and avoid involvement in risky behaviors.

Learn more about our Out of School Time activities here.

Starting Point, a local nonprofit, links families to programs and services that meet their children’s and youth needs, and strengthens the community’s capacity to respond to those needs.  Starting Point for child care, early education and out-of-school time care is Northeast Ohio’s child care, early education and out-of-school time resource and referral agency–serving families, early childhood professionals and organizations and the community.

Learn more about Starting Point here.

Youth Jobs: Youth Opportunities Unlimited

By convening a holistic youth development network in Greater Cleveland, MyCom is contributing to the stability and sustainability of our City by providing 21st century skills for our youngest residents, which fuels future employee recruitment and retention, as well as creating a highly productive, high-functioning future workforce for Cleveland, from Cleveland.  When organizations regularly evaluate their workforce against their strategic workforce plan, they are more easily able to ensure that the youth is prepared to meet future needs of the organization and its current and future customers.

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Youth Opportunities Unlimited (Y.O.U.) has been a provider of year-round and summer job experiences for youth around Cuyahoga County since its inception in 1982.  Y.O.U. staff provide employability skills training, job placement assistance, and follow-along support to youth ages 14-24 in all MyCom neighborhoods. In 2014, over 1,700 living in a MyCom neighborhood received job training and a subsidized summer work experience. Over 94% of youth from MyCom neighborhoods successfully completed their six week summer work experience in 2014. Over 3,600 youth with MyCom funded were able to get job.

Learn more about Youth Opportunities Unlimited here.

Advocacy: Voices for Ohio’s Children

Your voice is only powerful if it is heard. Voices for Ohio’s Children teach Greater Cleveland’s youth, their caregivers and organizations how to tell their stories to elected officials at the federal, state and local levels of government. Voices for Ohio’s Children helps MyCom youth find their voice and learn how to speak with passion and conviction about issues facing their future in our community. It’s about discovering your voice and using it to activate meaningful change.

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Neighborhood Engagement: Neighborhood Leadership Institute

It is understood that behavior and environment have a direct relationship and thus MyCom aims to positively impact the structures, policies and persons in MyCom communities that interact and engage youth.  These include youth, parents, schools, safety forces, neighborhood and community stakeholders.  MyCom’s “youth first philosophy” is designed to create a paradigm shift in youth and community development.  To achieve this vision it is necessary for each neighborhood to have a neighborhood based support structure that addresses their communities “one of a kind” community organizing and youth development needs.

Today, MyCom neighborhoods are assisting each other and developing and implementing neighborhood based strategies for improving and increasing opportunities for youth.

Learn more about our neighborhood engagement strategy.

Since 2008, Neighborhood Leadership Institute (NLI) has been an integral member of the MyCom initiative initially as a member of the MyCom network, transitioning into a lead agency role for neighborhood engagement in 2010, adding a role as the lead agency for youth engagement in 2011, and currently continuing in those roles as well as working directly with the evaluation and MyCom impact strategies.

Learn more about Neighborhood Leadership Institute.

Voices for Ohio’s Children teach Greater Cleveland’s youth, their caregivers and organizations how to tell their stories to elected officials at the federal, state and local levels of government.

Learn more about Voices for Ohio’s Children

Youth Engagement: Neighborhood Leadership Institute

Neighborhood Leadership Institute teaches Greater Cleveland adults how to work with and facilitate youth voice.

Learn more about Neighborhood Leadership Institute.

MyCom Evaluation: Case Western Reserve University

Case Western Reserve University: Case Western Reserve University is responsible for the evaluation of MyCom programs, measuring the impact of youth development efforts on MyCom communities.

Learn more about Case Western Reserve University’s Begun Center

With lead agency support MyCom neighborhoods are currently providing quality out of school time programs, access to summer and year round employment, youth leadership development trainings of unique leadership skills, training certifications in technology, sexual health, political advocacy and service learning, kindergarten literacy kits to families for youth entering kindergarten, college tours and a multitude of coordinated community based youth and family development opportunities.