MyCom Intermediary

MyCom Intermediary: Neighborhood Leadership Institute

Since 2008, Neighborhood Leadership Institute (NLI) has been an integral member of the MyCom initiative initially as a member of the MyCom network, transitioning into a lead agency role for neighborhood engagement in 2010, adding a role as the lead agency for youth engagement in 2011, and currently continuing in those roles as well as working directly with the evaluation and MyCom impact strategies.

NLI began its engagement with MyCom in 2008 as a youth development and leadership training organization. NLI provides leadership training, creates sustainable community engagement models, and offers out of school time resources and program opportunities to individuals of Greater Cleveland’s diverse communities. We take pride in elevating an individual’s natural leadership talent as together we share a common goal to improve and positively impact our communities through courageous leadership, collective ownership, empowerment, inclusion, and accountability. Our services and network empower our participants through education as we strive to shape new ways of thinking through authentic communication, elevating individual creativity, equity and equality. Our organization values the network building, neighborhood planning and engagement, and emphasis on youth engagement included in the MyCom Theory of Change.

Our MyCom Intermediary Team

Collectively, our team has experience in strategic planning across a diverse sector of organizations as evidenced by the neighborhood engagement work of NLI and the specific neighborhood development of the MyCom neighborhoods of West Park and Slavic Village; the Cleveland Metropolitan School District’s Safe and Drug Free Schools initiative; the Promise Neighborhood initiative of the Sisters of Charity Health System; and within the MyCom initiative including development of the strategic plan draft for MyCom 2.0.


  • Michael Matthews – Project Director
  • Nancy Baxter – Program Officer, Neighborhood Engagement
  • Donte’ Gibbs – Program Officer, Youth Engagement
  • Dr. Adriennie Hatten – Program Officer, Strategy & Performance Management
  • Chris Howse – Program Officer, Technology
  • Emily Miller Cook – Program Officer, Neighborhood Engagement
  • Kasey Morgan – Program Officer, Education & Community Based Organizations
  • Allison Motz: Program Officer, Strategy, Communications and Fund Development
  • Kathleen Wildman: Program Officer, Fund Development

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