To find youth programming close to your home, contact Starting Point: 216-575-0061, 1-800-880-0971, or 1-800-750-0750 (TTY).

How to Contact Us

MyCom Steering Committee:

MyCom is provided strategic direction by a volunteer Steering Committee dediated to the MyCom principles of all children needing a caring, respecting and incorporating a youth voice, and ensuring every youth is connected to positive opportunities.

To reach the MyCom Steering Committee, email Kasey T. Morgan: or call 216-812-8700.

MyCom Intermediary Team:

Since October 2014, MyCom has been facilitated by a team at Neighborhood Leadership Institute (NLI).  NLI is responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of MyCom and the network.

To reach the MyCom Intermediary Team, email Kasey T. Morgan: or call 216-812-8700.

MyCom Lead Agencies:

To reach the MyCom Lead Agencies, please visit their websites and contact information.