By convening a holistic youth development network in Greater Cleveland, MyCom is contributing to the stability and sustainability of our City by providing 21st century skills for our youngest residents, which fuels future employee recruitment and retention, as well as creating a highly productive, high-functioning future workforce for Cleveland, from Cleveland.


Positive Youth Development strategies help young people to make the choices they need to live



                                    Adult Lives!

It is our goal at MyCom to support organizations and individuals who seek to support neighborhood youth reach their goals. There are so many possibilities and opportunities across Northeast Ohio. We all just want to make sure that all youth get what they need. Mentoring is one way to make that happen! Whether you have 1 free hour a month or 1 free hour a week to give to a young person, MyCom needs you to STEP IT UP! The Young Person needs you to STEP IT UP!

Having a mentor can help a young person overcome the negative impacts in their lives, such as poverty, poor educational outcomes and feelings of being alone- which many youth experience at some point in their lives. Mentors help parents feel secure in knowing that their child has a support network that includes them and strengthens the safety net that all young people need on the path to their future success.
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Volunteers are an integral part of our MyCom network and fulfill many roles!  You can be one today!
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In northeast Ohio, there is a large and long-standing gap between the labor needs of a sustainable 21st century economy, and the skills and capabilities of northeast Ohio workers leaving public education and entering the workforce. Closing that gap demands transformational approaches.

MyCom brings together business, funders, non-profit agencies, and our educational pipeline to develop career pathways from Kindergarten through adulthood.
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Our youth, our network, and our communities can always use a hand-join us for opportunities in your neighborhood!

Contact your local neighborhood.
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Voices for Ohio’s Children is our lead agency for advocacy.  They are always seeking individuals who can raise a voice for youth-even if they are a youth.
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