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Call Greater Cleveland Volunteers at 216-391-9500

Frequently Asked Questions From Volunteers and other Caring Adults

How do I get involved?
Potential volunteers can contact Greater Cleveland Volunteers via the phone (216-391-9500) or online( Greater Cleveland Volunteers helps connects volunteers to a variety of volunteer opportunities, including those with MyCom. Potential volunteers can enroll with Greater Cleveland Volunteers through an enrollment form. In addition, they are encouraged to attend a new volunteer orientation to learn more about possible serving opportunities. Orientations are held during the weekdays, during daytime and evening hours. Greater Cleveland Volunteers offers a variety of opportunities, including ongoing opportunities at over 200 non profit agencies, as well as one-time only or short-term assignments.

Do I need special skills, talents, experience, etc.?
No special skills, talents or experiences are needed to make a difference for a young person. Come as you are!  Volunteers complete a skills checklist during the enrollment process with Greater Cleveland Volunteers. This allows them to be matched to a volunteer opportunity that will meet their skills, talents and availability. Personalized placement is offered by the Greater Cleveland Volunteers staff.

Will I be background and/or drug checked?
Greater Cleveland Volunteers does not typically background check or drug check potential volunteers. However, many of the agencies that Greater Cleveland Volunteers refers volunteers to do screen volunteers in this manner. Each partner agency has its own requirements on the type of screening/application process that they utilize. Are there restrictions? (residency, criminal record, etc.)There are no restrictions, other than that volunteers need to be age 18 and over.

How much time do I need to donate?
Greater Cleveland Volunteers offers volunteers a variety of volunteer opportunities. Some require as little as a few hours every few months.

How will I benefit?
Volunteering has been proven to improve the lives of the volunteers as well as the agencies in which they serve. By enrolling in Greater Cleveland Volunteers, all volunteers will receive free supplemental excess liability insurance. In addition, all active volunteers will receive an annual birthday call in addition to receiving a quarterly newsletter, which will provide them with up to date information on upcoming volunteer opportunities.

What if I have physical limitations or other special needs?
Greater Cleveland Volunteers is able to refer volunteers, with physical limitations or special needs, to a variety of volunteer opportunities. The partner agency that the volunteer is referred to may have opportunities available to people with special needs or physical limitations.

Are there age requirements?
All volunteers need to be age 18 or over.

How can I learn about/screen volunteer opportunities?
Volunteer opportunities can be discussed by calling Greater Cleveland Volunteers, at 216-391-9500. These opportunities are also discussed at the new volunteer orientations held on a regular basis. A reservation for an orientation can be made by calling the Greater Cleveland Volunteers office.

Does MyCom provide transportation or transportation vouchers, etc.?
Greater Cleveland Volunteers does not offer transportation. Some partner agencies may choose to offer these services.