MyCom in partnership with HandsOn Northeast Ohio is developing a framework for youth driven volunteer initiatives. These experiences provide youth with real leadership experience as they are supported through researching, designing and implementing volunteer projects that will make effective change in the local community.

The strategy centers on three National Days of Service (Make A Difference Day, MLK, JR. Day and Global Youth Service Day) as a means for youth to gain skills, learn about service and support a pipeline of opportunities annually for youth to volunteer.

Youth Planning Committee Members Needed!

For each of the events a youth planning committee is created that is responsible for the vision, planning and implementation of the project. The structure of the committee varies depending on the National Day of Service but all members must be able to attend meetings to plan each service project.

All Youth Planning committee members are trained by Hands On Northeast Ohio in Project Arrow – a method that helps organize tasks and prepare for the service project.

During this time, the youth are supported in creating the vision of the service project to meet a critical community need. The committee is also responsible for all aspects of the project including marketing, recruitment, logistics, and reflection.


Make a Difference Day- October 25th

Make A Difference Day is a National Day of Service where millions of people around the world unite with a common goal of improving the lives of others.

We will have 2 Planning Committees, one of Eastside neighborhoods and the other Westside neighborhoods. Each neighborhood is to identify one or two youth to represent their community at the planning meeting. Each committee will each be creating their own service project for this day.

MLK Day- January 20th

Dr. King said, “everyone can be great because anybody can serve.” Honor Dr. King’s legacy and committment to community by serving on this day. The MLK Day of Service is a part of United We Serve, the President’s national call to service initiative. It calls for Americans from all walks of life to work together to provide solutions to our most pressing national problems.

We will have neighborhood based Planning Committees that will each be creating their own service project.

Global Youth Service Day – April 17th – 19th

This day of service calls to action thousands of youth volunteers locally and millions of volunteers globally. This is the largest service event in the world and celebrated in over 100 countries.

We will have one MyCom initiative wide Planning Committee that will create one initiative wide service project.

Make a Difference Day – October 25th

  • West Side Gunning (Parma, Clark Fulton, West Park, Cudell)

The youth have chosen an anti-violence project and Gunning Recreation Center will be the site of the event.  The kids decorated t-shirts, Gunning said they can come back any time about 50 kids came to the event. Some were already at Gunning and some who came specifically for the event;

  • East Side East Cleveland (Mt. Pleasant, Shaker, East Cleveland and Phillip from St. Clair Superior only)

East Cleveland weather was perfect. Approximately 30 youth from Shaker/Mt Pleasant/ East Cleveland participated. One group did construction. East Cleveland now has 2 new garbage containers and the City has agreed to service them. They also did a social media campaign about keeping the community clean. Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District (NEORSD) came out and talked about the youth about what happens to trash.