MyCom helps youth successfully navigate the journey from kindergarten to college or career and beyond.

Support and guidance from caring adults helps young people navigate transitions and adapt to changes on their path to a successful future.

Change can be challenging. As youth mature, each new setting offers them less support and supervision than the previous one. As a result, transitions are a time of stress and vulnerability; and if unsupported, can be times of great risk. Because these transition times are so important to the healthy development of youth, MyCom programs are offered to ensure that targeted supports are available to assist and support families and their children.

Targeted transition support improves future school performance and encourages parental involvement as youth adapt to new situations and environments on their path from early childhood to young adulthood.

Transition to Success

MyCom, in partnership with lead agency Starting Point, offers transition programs that prepare students for academic success. The transition support programs serve a variety of age groups and needs, including kindergarten registration, literacy, tutoring and homework support, college visits, ACT/SAT prep courses and financial counseling.

Nearly 200,000 collateral materials supporting kindergarten preparation, youth activities and literacy skills have been disseminated throughout the community, with more than 1,200 youth attending college visits and 6,700 youth participating in tutoring activities.

About Starting Point

Starting Point is Northeast Ohio’s child care, early education and out-of-school time resource and referral agency; serving families, youth, professionals and the community.

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