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A classroom and online training in digital media and storytelling for middle and high school students.

MyMedia is a four-part program incubated by MyCom and operated by Neighborhood Leadership Institute and includes: MyMedia 101, MyVoice, MyMedia Television, and MyMedia Advanced.

MyMedia has a volunteer advisory board comprised of the following members:

  • Rita Andolsen:  The MetroHealth System
  • Margaret Bernstein:  Channel 3 WKYC Television
  • Mark Rosenberg:  ideaStream/WCPN 90.3
  • Lissette Rivera:  Cox Communications
  • Sam Allard:  Scene Magazine/Adjunct Professor for Cleveland State University

MyMedia includes four major activities:

  1. Life Skills & Education: MyMedia aims to take the fear out of traditional and new (or high -tech) media by exposing youth to quality news sources and by helping them identify opportunities for citizen participation, such as community forums, blogs, letters to editors and legislative letter-writing campaigns.
  2. Leadership Skills: MyMedia participants learn to think and act as reporters and to share their “voices” in ways that attract mainstream media. By the end of MyMedia they know how to write news articles, create blog entries, and capture video for broadcast and record podcasts to bring attention to neighborhood concerns such as safety, youth employment, crime prevention, health issues, youth leadership, gang violence, domestic violence, or school attendance.
  3. Relationship Development: The MyMedia section on includes stories, broadcasts, podcasts and other stories created by the youth reporters. It also has on-demand webinars where neighborhood groups can learn how to share their voices and ideas effectively in our region’s media market. This will be a flexible and   efficient way to extend the reach of this project to more youth and additional neighborhood organizations.
  4. Online Training: include an online training component, so that an unlimited number of young people can have access to the same knowledge and training as the core team of youth reporters. The MyMedia section on will host not just the informational products created by the core team of youth reporters, but also an on-demand webinar that neighborhood groups can use to learn about how to share their voices and ideas effectively in our region’s media market. This will be a flexible and efficient way to extend the reach of this project to more youth and additional neighborhood-level organizations.

Using experiential learning, MyMedia teaches traditional journalistic skills, such as story development, interviewing, and reporting, while also demonstrating the profound impact contemporary technology has had on the industry through hands-on lessons in website management, blogging, social media, and video and voice recording. A partnership with a local public TV channel and radio station, WVIZ/PBS & 90.3 WCPN Ideastream, lets students work alongside and learn directly from men and women currently working in the industry, giving them exposure to professional role models.

MyMedia also helps students become more savvy consumers and more responsible creators of journalistic content. Thanks to new technologies, today’s youth have greater access to media than ever before and unprecedented opportunities to express their views in public forums. The need is strong to educate youth about the media industry, the tenets of journalism (truth, accuracy, independence), and the responsibilities of exercising and protecting their freedom to share their voice.

These lessons will have life-long value to them, either as media professionals or simply as better-informed and more technologically savvy citizens.

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Gallery of Student Work
Youth who took the MyMedia class are on the airwaves on their radio show “MyVoice,” speak to various groups, interview high-profile people in Cleveland, and create projects that inform and inspire others.
See some of the media being created by youth from Greater Cleveland and Cuyahoga County