2017 Youth Opportunities Unlimited Summer Youth Employment Program – APPLY NOW!

The benefits of youth employment and job experiences reach beyond just the teen employee. Youth employment is beneficial to the employer, the economy, and the community as a whole.  For an employer it’s an opportunity to mentor youth and give back to the community that supports them. Many employers even find a potential year-round employee.  Cleveland Height’s student, Tylaia Range, was placed in a Y.O.U. summer job last year at the Cleveland Heights Service Department. Due to her strong work ethic, she was quickly offered full-time work throughout the school year and the opportunity to continue employment after graduation.  Tylaia learned crucial employability skills and her employer found a hard-working and dedicated young employee.

A policy report done by the Annie E. Casey Foundation in 2012 recommends connecting youth to work experience early in life to strengthen the future workforce. The report says failing to connect youth and work can result in continued unemployment in adulthood due to changing workforce-needs by employers and the increasing amount of experience expected even for entry- level jobs.

The report states, “This waste of talent and earning potential has profound consequences for these young people, and for our economy, and our nation. When young people lack connections to jobs and school, government spends more to support them.” Young people are in need of work, and businesses need trained employees interested in their field. To read more about the importance of connecting employers and youth, view the entire report here.

Youth Opportunities Unlimited (Y.O.U.) has been a provider of year-round and summer job experiences for youth around Cuyahoga County since its inception in 1982.


2017 Youth Opportunities Unlimited Summer Youth Employment Program – APPLY NOW!

During 2016, over 12,000 young people registered for a summer job experience in 2016.