As a community, one of our greatest assets is our young people, who represent the future of Cleveland’s economic and social fabric. That’s why it is absolutely critical that we provide a holistic youth development network, based in our neighborhoods, to help young people in our community grow into successful and productive members of our community.

Since 2008, MyCom has provided more than 33,000 opportunities through out-of-school time activities, summer and year-round jobs for more than 11,500 young adults, and coordinated youth engagement, leadership opportunities and college visits for 1,200 youth.

Supporting quality youth programming and opportunities for children (K-12) is a smart way for communities to invest in their future. An investment of $2.55/hour per youth for 1,200 hours per year to develop young people into economically and socially viable adults, with the addition of a developmental education, can result in a societal gain of $10.51 for every dollar invested.

In crime-prevention costs alone, an out-of-school program, like the ones MyCom expands and develops, can save taxpayers an average of $16,428 for every youth served.