The personal experiences of MyCom youth, families and youth providers demonstrate the power of positive youth development.

MyCom Youth in Action

Youth from neighborhoods across Cuyahoga County describe MyCom and explain the benefits of participating in MyCom opportunities.

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MyCom Featured Youth: Haley

Haley is a MyCom leader with the support of her dad, Tony, and mom, Julie. “[MyCom] backs up what my wife and I have tried to put a foundation down for [our children] already; it really enforces that,” Tony says.

See more about Haley’s story in this Fox Sports Ohio video.

MyCom Featured Youth: Jay

Jay had his mother’s support to learn new skills in a youth reporter training project. She says, “MyCom’s MyMedia program was a great experience for my son. He learned the art of video broadcasting, video design and interviewing techniques. Thank you, MyCom, for investing in the youth of Cleveland and the leaders of tomorrow!”

MyCom Featured Youth: Teena

Teena is a founding member of the MyCom movement. Her family support helped her speak out for youth, appearing with TV personality Harry Boomer on the WUAB Forum to speak on the importance of safe spaces and all children having equal opportunities.

MyCom Featured Youth: Nyla

“The more involved youth are in positive activities, the more likely they are to stay out of trouble,” says Stacey, mother of Nyla. “MyCom is an excellent way for youth to get involved in positive activities and programs in the community. It also gives promise to parents who need support outside the home to help their children become better prepared for the future.”

Quotes from Parents and Supporters:

“I want to thank the devoted tutors who tirelessly help our kids to achieve their best. With your help, my son is currently getting straight A’s.”

– Proud MyCom Parent

“Simple things like exposure to a college campus, or an adult who has a great job, can change a young person’s whole outlook on the future.”

– MyCom Partner

“My son likes to help people. He likes to feel like he’s contributing to something worthwhile.”

– Proud MyCom Parent

“Having adults in your life makes a big difference. It inspires you to reach your potential when there’s someone behind you cheering you on.”

– MyCom Youth

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What does Basheer have to say about MyCom? (mp3)

Featured Caring Adult: Chief Andres Gonzalez

GonalezPolice Chief Gonzalez arrived at the Boys & Girls Club to support the MyCom March Madness basketball event, and saw a team of youth who needed an adult supporter. He stepped in, and coached the youth to tournament victory! He prizes the memory of that day, and emphasizes how youth can be left on the streets, without support, when funding for after-school activities are cut.

Featured Caring Adult: Eris Zion Venia Dyson

ErisYouth know Eris Zion Venia Dyson—she’s always in her community, connecting with youth, teaching workshops on poetry, speaking about her experiences in high school, or representing the Diversity Center of Northeast Ohio. Eris is shown here, “I work to inspire young people so that when she gets older, someone will inspire her.”