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MyCom helps youth succeed through:


MyCom helps Greater Cleveland’s youth find their voice and learn to speak with passion and conviction about issues facing their future in the community.

Out-of-School Time Activities

MyCom connects families and youth with community-based free time activities where young people can have fun, develop skills and build lifelong relationships.

Neighborhood Spotlight

The MyCom network is active within each of the 13 Cuyahoga County neighborhoods it serves, delivering programming and services that are truly local.

Youth Engagement

MyCom teaches youth to lead by empowering them with meaningful leadership opportunities in their neighborhoods.

Youth Employment

Through summer and year-round employment opportunities, MyCom gives young people a chance to explore careers and develop new interests, while gaining real 21st century work experience and connecting with adult mentors along the way.

Transition Support

MyCom helps youth successfully navigate the journey from kindergarten to college or career, and beyond.

My Neighborhood



The energy and excitement around youth development in Central is high. Commitment of time and dollars is evident in the building of new schools and programs. The focus of Central is for youth to think beyond secondary education, reaching for new heights.
Friendly Inn Settlement House
Reggie Wimberly
2386 Unwin Road
Cleveland, OH 44104

Clark Fulton

Clark Fulton is proud of the cultural diversity of its residents. It is with enthusiasm that they have joined the MyCom network to improve the lives of youth and residents in the community.
Hispanic UMADAOP
Nelson Ramirez
3305 W. 25th Street
Cleveland, Ohio 44109
Phone: (216) 459-1222 


Collinwood is a new MyCom neighborhood. The focus of their work is intentionality; building cooperative relationships, increasing communication and linking together positive youth programs that are currently in the neighborhood.
Northeast Shores Development Corporation
Margaret Craig, Community Organizer
17625 Grovewood
Cleveland, Ohio 44119
Phone: 216-692-1388 x 31

Cudell/West Boulevard

Situated on the shores of Lake Erie, the Cudell/Edgewater Neighborhood brings together history, art and recreation with an easy drive into downtown Cleveland.
West Side Community House
Ali McClain
9300 Lorain Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio 44102
Phone: 216-771-7297 x 315

Midwest Safety Coalition:
Birgit Hilliard
9821 Lorain Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio 44102
Phone: 216-631-7233

Cudell Recreation Center:
Ron Fields, Center Manager
Cudell Recreation Center
1910 West Boulevard
Cleveland, Ohio 44102

East Cleveland

East Cleveland joined the MyCom network with a strong team of partners around the table from the Mayor to the school district superintendent. Partners are actively engaged and focused on developing leadership and learning to lead from youth to adults. They have committed to changing the way they do work through the lens of collaboration.
East Cleveland Mayor’s Office:
Belinda Kyle, Executive Assistant to Mayor Norton
East Cleveland City Hall
14340 Euclid Avenue
East Cleveland, Ohio 44112
Phone: 216-681-2208 


Glenville is a new MyCom neighborhood. The partnership will be managed out of Glenville High School and will be built out of the school wrap around model. The neighborhood has a long history of activism and working together as residents, churches and schools.
Glenville High School:
Glenville High School
650 East 113th Street
Cleveland, Ohio 44108

Mt. Pleasant

Youth in Mount Pleasant have access to a variety of resources. The neighborhood has two recreation centers, two libraries, and multiple youth programs as well as youth mental health service at Murtis Taylor. Partners meet on a monthly basis to make sure programming needs are met and that youth have access to caring adults.
Mt. Pleasant Community:
Beverly Burks, Initiative Coordinator
5246 Broadway Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio 44127
Phone: 216-554-5215

Parma Tri-City

This Tri-City neighborhood, comprised of the cities of Parma, Parma Heights and Seven Hills is rich in history and culture. The area has much to offer: more than fifty faith-based congregations; one recreation center; three public libraries; public, private, and charter schools; two outdoor pools; a working farm; a golf course; a hospital; The Metroparks; and Tri-C West. With OhioGuidestone, Solutions for Children, Families & Communities, as the new lead agency, we recently updated our youth development plan.
Jane Wood, Director, Community Counseling, in charge of School Services and Nurturing Parenting
Albert Klubert, Assistant Director, Community Counseling
Jean Micklewright, MyCom Project Coordinator, phone 440-479-4122, fax 440-260-8576,
Kathleen (Kathy) Hall, MyCom Project Assistant, phone 440-479-7503, fax 440-260-8576,
Ohio Guidestone
3500 Carnegie Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio 44115

Shaker Heights

Shaker Heights focus on developing strong youth leadership has grown into a robust job skills training program. The businesses and nonprofits engaged in the partnership have embraced the program and worked with Youth Opportunities Unlimited to provide additional community employment.
Shaker Heights Youth Center:
Sharon Bell, MyCom Project Manager
17300 Van Aiken Boulevard
Shaker Heights, OH 44120
Phone: 216-752-9292

Slavic Village

Broadway Slavic Village is proud of the working relationships and cooperation amongst youth serving providers in the neighborhood. The neighborhood has leveraged MyCom alongside P-16 and the Broadway Collaborative to identify and address the comprehensive needs of families and youth in the areas of out of school time, education, social services and leadership development.
Slavic Village Development Corporation:
Natalie Friedel, MyCom p-16 Executive Director
5620 Broadway Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44127
Phone: 440-840-4857 

St. Clair-Superior

Uniquely based out of a community development corporation, St. Clair-Superior has a dedicated staff member who is able to make sure youth are represented in all planning projects from economic development to housing. St. Clair-Superior is lucky to have Rainey Institute and Goodrich Gannett that have been in the neighborhood for over 100 years serving youth whose partnership creates a firm foundation for youth development in the neighborhood.
St. Clair Superior Development Corporation:
Philip Hewitt, Youth Development Manager
Phone: 216-881-0644 x110
Janean Aikens, Community Action Organizer
Phone: 216-881-0644 x114
4205 St. Clair Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44103 

Union Miles

Union Miles Development Corporation collaborates with school systems and other partners within the Union Miles area by providing leadership development skills to youth to assist with the everyday stressors they encounter in today’s society.
Union Miles Development Corporation:
Roshawn Sample, Assistant Director
9250 Miles Park
Cleveland, Ohio 44105
Phone: 216-341-0757 

West Park

West Park’s Youth Mobilization Team brings together youth, youth-serving organizations and community members for monthly meetings and plays an integral role in moving forward West Park’s youth development strategy. Art classes, job preparation, career and college exposure, service-learning, sports and recreation, literacy and academic support are among the many programs offered in the community by MyCom partners.
Bellaire- Puritas Development Corporation:
Vanessa Lange, Youth Development Director
14703 Puritas Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44135
Phone: 216-671-2710

What Does MyCom Mean to Me?

MyCom connects youth to opportunities in their community, but what does MyCom mean to our youth? Hear them describe MyCom in their own voice!